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    Naive Bayes Algorithm For Twitter Sentiment Analysis And Its Implementation In MapReduce [1]
    Nanocomposites: characterization and applications towards electrical energy storage devices [1]
    Nanogap embedded silver gratings for surface plasmon enhanced fluorescence [1]
    Nanogap embedded TiO2 photonic crystals for enhanced fluorescence and surface dielctrophoreis of DNA [1]
    Nanoparticle mediated ablation of breast cancer cells using a nanosecond pulsed electric field [1]
    Near field microwave imaging techniques for embedded object detection and shape reconstruction [1]
    A New 3D Representation and Compression Algorithm for Non-Rigid Moving Objects using Affine-Octree [1]
    A new adaptive framework for collaborative filtering prediction [1]
    A New Hierarchical Particle Filtering for Markerless Human Motion Capture [1]
    Noise Optimization of Amorphous SixGeyO1-x-y Uncooled Microbolometer [1]
    Nondestructive evaluation for hybrid-composite girder bridges [1]
    A novel framework for protein structure prediction [1]
    A novel method of face verification based on EM algorithm [1]
    Novel thin-film nanocomposite (TFN) membrne embedded with biomodal silica nanoparticles for water purification [1]
    Object Detection and Classification using Shape Feature [1]
    Object detection for big data [1]
    Object Detection with Kinect Sensor [1]
    Object detection with large intra-class variation [1]
    On cross-domain social semantic learning [1]
    On the relationship between generalized covariance union and the minimal enclosing ellipsoid problem [1]