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    Naive Bayes algorithm for Twitter sentiment analysis and its implementation in MapReduce
    Nano- and micro-scale studies of exocytosis
    Nanocomposites : characterization and applications towards electrical energy storage devices
    Nanogap embedded silver gratings for surface plasmon enhanced fluorescence
    Nanogap embedded TiO2 photonic crystals for enhanced fluorescence and surface dielctrophoreis of DNA
    Nanomaterial surface modification for heat-transfer nanofluid and electrochemical DNA biosensor development
    Nanomechanical property characterization of femoral head materials
    Nanoparticle mediated ablation of breast cancer cells using a nanosecond pulsed electric field
    Nanoporous carbon from corn cobs and its application
    Near field microwave imaging techniques for embedded object detection and shape reconstruction
    Neural systems modeling -- three case studies
    Neutron diffraction study of load response and residual stresses in WC-(Ni/Co) composites
    Neutron exposure from electrom linear accelerators and a proton accelerator: measurements and simulations
    A New 3D Representation and Compression Algorithm for Non-Rigid Moving Objects using Affine-Octree
    A new adaptive framework for collaborative filtering prediction
    A new approach to data backup
    A new circuit for personnel detection using signal scavenging
    New consensus-based algorithms for quality assessment in protein structure prediction
    A New Hierarchical Particle Filtering for Markerless Human Motion Capture
    New tool design for measuring tool displacement in milling