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    Parametric and Nonparametric Dynamical System Identification Using Laser-measured Velocities [1]
    Parametric and optimal design of modular machine tools [1]
    Parametric investigation on thrust development of a piezoelectric transformer plasma propulsion system [1]
    Patient specific bone remodeling and finite element analysis of the lumbar spine [1]
    Pattern recognition based microsimulation calibration and innovative traffic representations [1]
    Pattern recognition of mixed signals using guided under-determined source signal separation [1]
    PCE: Piece-wise Convex Endmember Detection [1]
    PCI bus connects MizzouRISC to PC [1]
    Peak Transform for Efficient Image Representation and Coding [1]
    Pedestrian detection and counting in surveillance videos [1]
    People re-identification in a camera network [1]
    People re-identification over non-overlapping camera views [1]
    Performance analysis of high power photoconductive switch at elevated temperature [1]
    Performance analysis of parallel flow intersection and displaced left turn intersection designs [1]
    Performance evaluation of a low cost processor with wireless connectivity [1]
    Period traveling salesman with customer stratification [1]
    Permeability analysis for thermal binder removal from green ceramic bodies [1]
    Permittivity enhancement of aluminum oxide thin films with the addition of silver nanoparticles [1]
    Photo-biomodulation and soybean isoflavones on amyloid-beta peptide-induced oxidative stress and inflammation [1]