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    Quantification of absorbed doses from radioactive gold nanoparticles and chromium 51 seed implants
    Quantification of cell attachment on different materials as candidate electrodes for measurement of quantal exocytosis
    Quantification of risk factors for occupational Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    A quantitative performace measurement framework for health care systems
    Rapid determination of algal growth kinetics using extant respirometry
    Rapid estimation of antibiotic efficacy of low bacterial inoculums using multi-frequency impedance measurements
    Rapid industrial furnace thermal modeling for improved fuel efficiency
    Rapid isolation of target bacteria from complex matrices
    Rapid processing of municipal and agricultural waste streams in supercritical water for energy generation and nutrient recovery
    A ratiometric fluorometer for reduced sensitivity against solvent artifacts
    Ratiometric techniques to determine fluid viscosity using molecular rotors
    A Real-Time Path Planner for a Smart Wheelchair Using Harmonic Potentials and a Rubber Band Model
    Real-time speaker-independent large vocabulary continuous speech recoginition
    A Real-time System for In-home Activity Monitoring of Elders
    Real-time Tracking and Pose Estimation for Industrial Objects using Geometric Features
    Real-time visualization of massive imagery and volumetric datasets
    Recent efforts on model-based simulation of engineering problems : multiphysics and multiphase interactions
    Recognition of sleep stages from sensor data
    Recognizing Falls from Silhouettes
    Red light running at traffic circles: estimation and evaluation of countermeasures effectiveness