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    Tailored optical properties of graphitic carbon nitride thin films via surface functionalization of growth substrates
    Target concept learning from ambiguously labeled data
    Target detection with morphological shared-weight neural network : different update approaches
    Target geolocation from airborne video without terrain data
    Target level of reliability for design of bridge foundations and approach embankments using LRFD
    Task driven extended functions of multiple instances (TD-eFUMI)
    Task-based image quality assessment in radiation therapy
    Techniques for efficient regular expression matching across hardware architectures
    Techniques for improving landmine detection using ground penetrating radar
    Techno-economic assessment of utilizing solar thermal energy in manufacturing processes
    Technology for automated analysis of maize pollen used as a marker for mutation: 1. Flow-through systems
    Technology for restarting molten salt nuclear fuel chemistry at MU
    Technology for Successful Aging
    A TEM cell design to study electromagnetic radiation exposure from cellular phones
    Temperature effects on reinforced concrete : a thesis for the degree of Bachelor of Science in civil engineering
    Template-based methods for protein model quality assessment
    Temporal mining framework for risk reduction and early detection of chronic diseases
    Temporary traffic control for mobile and innovative geometric design work zones
    Tensile strength, shear strength, and effective stress for unsaturated sand
    Terahertz materials for energy harvesting rectenna