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    Baseline cortical activation to food pictures associated with change in weight, hunger, cognitive restraint, and disinhibition following bariatric surgery
    Beamsteering and nullsteering in interference aware wireless networks with point to point beamforming
    Bed degradation of the lower Missouri River
    Biomechanical characterization of slipping on pervious and traditional concrete walking surfaces
    Blast Analysis of a Bridge with AASHTO Type VI Girders Using CSI Bridge
    Building a Knowledge Graph for Food, Energy, and Water Systems
    A Characteristic Mode Analysis of Conductive Nanowires and Microwires Above a Lossy Dielectric Half-Space
    Characterization of "t-z" model design parameters for augered cast-in-place piles using field load test data
    Classification of Clinical Tweets Using Apache Mahout
    Classification of Human Postural and Gestural Movements Using Center of Pressure Parameters Derived From Force Platforms
    A comparative study of surrogate musculoskeletal models using various neural network configurations
    Context Based Multi-Image Visual Question Answering (VQA) in Deep Learning
    Context-Aware Adaptive Model for Smart Energy
    Controlled Low-Strength Material (CLSM) produced from limestone fines and other byproducts
    Cooperative relaying in cellular networks for improving receiver diversity and cell radius
    Cooperative relaying using USRP and GNU radio
    Coupon Redemption System
    CSISE: cloud-based semantic image search engine
    Current sensing atomic force microscopy study of aging mechanism of the nafion membranes due to thermal annealing
    Current-mode CMOS hybrid image sensor