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    Cooperative relaying in cellular networks for improving receiver diversity and cell radius [1]
    Cooperative relaying using USRP and GNU radio [1]
    CSISE: cloud-based semantic image search engine [1]
    Current sensing atomic force microscopy study of aging mechanism of the nafion membranes due to thermal annealing [1]
    Current-mode CMOS hybrid image sensor [1]
    Data center resource management with temporal data center resource management with temporal dynamic workload [1]
    A data driven semantic framework for clinical trial eligibility criteria [1]
    A data mining study of g-quadruplexes and their effect on DNA replication [1]
    A Data mining study of ranking within social networks [1]
    Deformation mapping of fibronectin fibrils using digital image correlation [1]
    Delay based approach to support low priority users in preemptive wireless networks [1]
    Derivation of walk-in cooler and freezer Performance Standard equations as they pertain to the ANSI/AHRI Standard 1250 and 1251 [1]
    Design and validation of a digital core for wireless communication with RFID-enabled devices [1]
    Design and validation of wearable wireless sensors [1]
    Design of a low-power analog circuit for an implantable RFID-enabled device with passive pressure sensor [1]
    Design of a wireless platform for wearable and home automation applications [1]
    Determination of scour susceptibility through rapid assessment [1]
    Development and validation of a computational multibody model of the elbow joint [1]
    Development of a Telemetry Unit for Wireless Monitoring of Bone Strain [1]
    Development of Multibody Soft Tissue Models and Their Tuning to Experimental Data: With a Focus in the Canine Meniscus [1]