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    Achieving Optimal Schedule by Network Flow Techniques
    Active Mobile Interface for smart health
    Adaptive multi-target tracking in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
    Adaptive Random Sampling for Traffic Volume Measurement
    Adaptive thermal comfort computation with Zigbee wireless sensor networks
    Analysis of point-to-point packet delay in an operational network, Computer Networks
    Anonymous Multicast Communication for Wireless Networks Using Layered Encryption and Hashing
    Application of Wrapper Methods to Non-Invasive Brain-State Detection: An Opto-Electric Approach
    Assessment of HEC-18 equations for NCHRP abutment scour based on Kansas field data
    Assessment of HEC-18 scour equations for bottomless culverts based on Kansas field data
    Assessment of Seismic Hazards along the Northern Gulf of Aqaba
    Automatic GUI Based Counting Software for Immunostaining Analysis Using Matlab GUIDE
    Baseline cortical activation to food pictures associated with change in weight, hunger, cognitive restraint, and disinhibition following bariatric surgery
    Beamsteering and nullsteering in interference aware wireless networks with point to point beamforming
    Bed degradation of the lower Missouri River
    Biomechanical characterization of slipping on pervious and traditional concrete walking surfaces
    Characterization of "t-z" model design parameters for augered cast-in-place piles using field load test data
    Classification of Clinical Tweets Using Apache Mahout
    Classification of Human Postural and Gestural Movements Using Center of Pressure Parameters Derived From Force Platforms