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    Early Breast Cancer Diagnosis using Microwave Imaging via Space-Frequency Algorithm
    Effect of an oral health education program for caregivers delivering oral hygiene care to residents in a long-term care facility
    Effect of Nanoparticle Shape on the Response of Broadband Metamaterial Absorbers in the Visible Spectrum
    Effect of Radius on Load Distribution within Mouse Forearm Structure: Experimental and Numerical Analyses
    Effect of Radius on Load/Strain Distribution between Ulna and Radius: Experimental and Numberical Analyses
    The effects of bronze and composite sleeves on trunnion yoke plate stress concentrations
    Effects of deceptive behavior on biomechanical measures of standing posture
    The effects of utilizing silica fume in Portland cement pervious concrete
    Elbow Joint Contact Mechanics: Multibody and Finite Element Methods
    An Electro-magnetic cell stimulator [abstract]
    An embedded multichannel telemetry unit for bone strain monitoring
    Enabling Large-Scale Storage and Retrieval of Whole Slide Images: A Big Data Approach
    Energy and Data Conversion Circuits for Low Power Sensory Systems
    Energy Consumption and Product Throughput of Glass-Doored and Open Refrigerated Display Cases in Supermarkets [abstract]
    An Energy Efficient Addressing Scheme For a Static Wireless Sensor Network
    Energy efficient multi-target tracking in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
    Energy Efficient Resource Allocation for Virtual Network Services with Dynamic Workload in Cloud Data Centers
    Evaluation of Fatigue and Toughness of Fiber Reinforced Concrete as a New Highway Pavement Design
    Evaluation of Resistivity Meters for Concrete Quality Assurance, Project TR201414
    Event driven querying of semantic sensor web services