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    High Speed and Low Power Pipelined ADC Design for MRI Application [1]
    Hydraulic Characterization of Interlocking Concrete Permeable Pavement [1]
    Hydraulic design of pervious concrete highway shoulders [1]
    Identifying relationships among drug side-effects using probabilistic association rule mining [1]
    Image compression and energy harvesting for energy constrained sensors [1]
    Impacts of Precipitation, Land use Land cover and Soil type on the Water Balance of Lake Chad Basin [1]
    Improving urban air and stormwater quality using photocatalytic highway pavement and photocatalytic pervious concrete shoulders [1]
    Integration Features in the Development of Software Product Line Architecture [1]
    Investigation of Jordanian pre-service teachers' beliefs about learning and teaching of mathematics [1]
    IP/MPLS over OTN over DWDM multilayer networks: optimization models, algorithms, and analyses [1]
    MAC layer resource allocation algorithms for OFDM/TDMA wireless networks [1]
    Modeling the soft tissues of the knee joint [1]
    Modified Virtual Internal Bond Model for Concrete Subjected To Dynamic Loading [1]
    A multiple queue replacement exploiting frequency for low level caches [1]
    Network partition for switched industrial ethernet using combined search heuristics [1]
    Network quality aware routing in error-prone wireless sensor networks [1]
    A New Approach for Fast Processing of SPARQL Queries on RDF Quadruples [1]
    A new filtering index for fast processing of SPARQL queries [1]
    A Novel cell phone based application for tracking the vaccination coverage in rural communities [1]
    NQAR: Network Quality Aware Routing in Error-Prone Wireless Sensor Networks [1]