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    Nanoscale Nonvolatile Memory Circuit Design using Emerging Spin Transfer Torque Magnetic Random Access Memory
    NCC-EM: A hybrid framework for decision making with missing information
    Network partition for switched industrial ethernet using combined search heuristics
    Network quality aware routing in error-prone wireless sensor networks
    A New Approach for Fast Processing of SPARQL Queries on RDF Quadruples
    A new constraint-based algorithm to learn Bayesian network structure from data: Control of Spurious Pairwise Information (CSPI)
    A new filtering index for fast processing of SPARQL queries
    A New Strong Proactive Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme with Unconditional Security
    A Novel cell phone based application for tracking the vaccination coverage in rural communities
    Novel Non Precharging Single Bitline 8T Static Random Access Memory
    NQAR: Network Quality Aware Routing in Error-Prone Wireless Sensor Networks
    NQAR: Network quality aware routing in error-prone wireless sensor networks
    Numerical Analysis and Optimal Design of Efficient Thin-Film Solar Cells with Novel Buffer Layers
    Numerical Simulation and Performance Optimization of Perovskite Solar Cell
    One-Shot Learning Model for Cancer Diagnosis from Histopathological Images
    Ontology-based methods for disease similarity estimation and drug repositioning
    Optimization of Bridge Approach Slab
    Optimization of ligament parameters on a subject-specific computational human knee model in a dynamic knee simulator using design of experiments
    Optimization of the slag tap for the gasification of sustainable feedstocks
    Osteocyte mechanotransduction: changes with age - a parametric finite element study