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    One-Shot Learning Model for Cancer Diagnosis from Histopathological Images
    Ontology-based methods for disease similarity estimation and drug repositioning
    Optimization of Bridge Approach Slab
    Optimization of ligament parameters on a subject-specific computational human knee model in a dynamic knee simulator using design of experiments
    Optimization of the slag tap for the gasification of sustainable feedstocks
    Osteocyte mechanotransduction: changes with age - a parametric finite element study
    Overcoming the Challenges of Using Unmanned Aircraft for Bridge Inspections
    Parallel SPARQL Query Execution using Apache Spark
    Parametric Soil-Structure Modeling for Rapid Climatic Disaster Response
    Performance Impacts Due to Number Portability Under Various Routing Schemes
    Performance standards for walk-in coolers and freezers in the United States as a function of local weather conditions
    Permeable Reactive Concrete For Enhanced Heavy Metal Removal With Optimization Of Individual Components
    A Pervasive Middleware for Activity Recognition with Smartphones
    Photovoltaic (PV) Type Solar Generators and their effect on distribution systems
    PPDQ-BG: Parallel Partition and Distributed Query Processing for Big Graphs
    Pressure-impulse diagrams using finite element analysis for reinforced concrete columns subjected to blast loading
    Pressure-impulse diagrams using finite element analysis for reinforced concrete slabs subjected to blast loading
    Protected Secret Sharing and its Application to Threshold Cryptography
    Pseudo Random Forests for Tube Identification
    QoS and channel aware packet bundling for VoIP traffic in cellular networks