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    A study of graph partitioning techniques for fast indexing and query processing of a large RDF graph
    A Study of Locator ID Separation Protocol
    A study of network for multi hour traffic under splittable and non splittable flow conditions
    Tandem machine learning for the identification of genes regulated by transcription factors
    Temporal Bandwidth-Intensive Virtual Network Allocation Optimization in Data Centers
    Topic network: a semantic model for effective learning
    Towards Data Optimization in Storages and Networks
    Traffic Engineering for LISP-Enabled Networks
    Ultra Low Power SubThreshold Device Design Using New Ion Implantation Profile
    Ultra-wideband miniaturized microstrip patch antennas for wireless communications: design guidelines and modeling
    Understanding the performance of TCP and UDP-based Data Transfer Protocols using EMULAB
    Use of Biomechanical Motion Analysis to Evaluate Endotracheal Intubation Skill in a Simulated Clinical Setting
    The use of superabsorbent polymer in standard and pervious concrete
    Using RTT Variability for Adaptive Cross-Layer Approach to Multimedia Delivery in Heterogeneous Networks
    Validation of a Subject Specific Canine Hind Limb Model with Emphasis on an Anatomical Stifle
    VELAS: a fully-distributed daily hydrologic feedback model with emphasis on vegetation, land cover, and soil water dynamics
    VELOCITY : A NetFlow Based Optimized Geo-IP Lookup Tool
    VirtualMindTrial: An Intelligent Questionnaire System for Clinical Trail Recruitment
    Volatility-Aware Query Processing in Peer-to-Peer Systems
    Watershed-level Analysis of Urban Raingarden Performance