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    Assessment of HEC-18 equations for NCHRP abutment scour based on Kansas field data [1]
    Assessment of HEC-18 scour equations for bottomless culverts based on Kansas field data [1]
    Bed degradation of the lower Missouri River [1]
    Biomechanical characterization of slipping on pervious and traditional concrete walking surfaces [1]
    Characterization of "t-z" model design parameters for augered cast-in-place piles using field load test data [1]
    Controlled Low-Strength Material (CLSM) produced from limestone fines and other byproducts [1]
    Current sensing atomic force microscopy study of aging mechanism of the nafion membranes due to thermal annealing [1]
    Derivation of walk-in cooler and freezer Performance Standard equations as they pertain to the ANSI/AHRI Standard 1250 and 1251 [1]
    Determination of scour susceptibility through rapid assessment [1]
    Development and validation of a computational multibody model of the elbow joint [1]
    Development of Multibody Soft Tissue Models and Their Tuning to Experimental Data: With a Focus in the Canine Meniscus [1]
    The effects of bronze and composite sleeves on trunnion yoke plate stress concentrations [1]
    Effects of deceptive behavior on biomechanical measures of standing posture [1]
    The effects of utilizing silica fume in Portland cement pervious concrete [1]
    Energy Consumption and Product Throughput of Glass-Doored and Open Refrigerated Display Cases in Supermarkets [abstract] [1]
    Evaluation of Fatigue and Toughness of Fiber Reinforced Concrete as a New Highway Pavement Design [1]
    Evaluation of Resistivity Meters for Concrete Quality Assurance, Project TR201414 [1]
    Finite element analysis and experimental comparison of doubly reinforced concrete slabs subjected to blast loads [1]
    Finite element analysis and experimental validation of reinforced concrete single-mat slabs subjected to blast loads [1]
    Green, Sustainable, Energy Efficient, Cost-Effective Refrigerated Storage Facilities [1]