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    Quality of service and channel-aware packet bundling for capacity improvement in cellular networks [1]
    Quantile sampling for practical delay monitoring in Internet backbone networks [1]
    Redundant adder architectures for cell-based technology [1]
    Security in User- Assisted Communications [1]
    Self adapting smart electrical grid [1]
    Self-Organizing Networks Prospects for Group Scheduling for Disaster Relief and Public Safety Communications in Cellular Networks [1]
    A Semantic Approach for Automatic Recovery of Software Architecture [1]
    Semantic code search and analysis [1]
    Semantic Frameworks for Document and Ontology Clustering [1]
    Sequential Designs with Application in Software Engineering [1]
    Sex-dimorphic gene expression and ineffective dosage compensation of Z-linked genes in gastrulating chicken embryos [1]
    Silicon on ferroelectric insulator field effect transistor (SOF-FET) a new device for the next generation ultra low power circuits [1]
    Strain Estimation of Fibronectin Fibrils Using Two Dimensional Digital Image Correlation [1]
    A study of graph partitioning techniques for fast indexing and query processing of a large RDF graph [1]
    Tandem machine learning for the identification of genes regulated by transcription factors [1]
    Temporal Bandwidth-Intensive Virtual Network Allocation Optimization in Data Centers [1]
    Towards Data Optimization in Storages and Networks [1]
    Ultra-wideband miniaturized microstrip patch antennas for wireless communications: design guidelines and modeling [1]
    Understanding the performance of TCP and UDP-based Data Transfer Protocols using EMULAB [1]
    Using RTT Variability for Adaptive Cross-Layer Approach to Multimedia Delivery in Heterogeneous Networks [1]