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    An Ecological Model of Mexican Immigration and Mental Health
    Education For All: A Descriptive Case Study of the Educational Experiences of First-Generation College Graduates
    The effect of self-directed learning readiness and online course quality ratings on student satisfaction and academic performance in undergraduate eLearning
    Effective teacher retention : Sustaining quality novice instructors through induction
    The Effectiveness of Afterschool Tutoring Programs on Student Achievement in an Urban School District: A Quantitative Analysis of Selected School Programs
    The effectiveness of redesigning college algebra with a heavy focus on instructional technology
    The effects of a computer-based reading support program on the reading achievement of sixth graders
    The effects of a culturally responsive professional development series on the attitudes and beliefs of teachers of diverse students in a Missouri suburban school district
    The effects of a looping classroom among third grade students in an urban school district
    Effects of Adaptive Learning Technologies on Math Achievement: A Quantitative Study of ALEKS Math Software
    The Effects of Altruism Education on Middle School Students’ Attitudes Toward Victims of Bullying and Intent to Prosocially Intervene
    The Effects of Math Recovery on the Low-Performing Mathematics Student
    The effects of positive behavior intervention supports and Tier II interventions on academic achievement among elementary students
    The Effects of the Classroom Schedule and Teacher Beliefs on Head Start Teacher-Child Interactions
    Elementary principals as developers vs. deliverers of district instructional decisions
    Elementary Teacher Perceptions of Math Professional Development on Mathematics Instruction
    Elementary teachers' perceptions of and experiences with culturally responsive pedagogy and diverse students' achievement
    An examination of relationship quality from an attachment perspective: empathy and relationship perfectionism as mediating factors
    The examination of safe sex message appeals, sex, and emotional responses on college students’ condom use attitudes, intentions, and self-efficacy
    An Examination of the Impact of a First Year Experience Course on STEM Persistence