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    Alcohol/HIV-Induced Neurodeficit and Circumvention by Neuroprotective Agent [1]
    Amphetamine-Induced Toxicity in Astrocytes and its Implications in the Pathogenesis of Psychiatric Disorders [1]
    Both P-gp and MRP2 mediate transport of Lopinavir, a protease inhibitor [1]
    Cell wall metabolite levels as a function of the growth phase in Staphylococcus aureus and library screening for synergistic combinations of FDA approved drugs against methicillin resistant S. aureus [1]
    Characterization of D-boroala as a novel Broad-spectrum antibacterial agent targeting D-Ala-D-Ala ligase & designer linkers : model reactions and linear free energy relationships in the reactivity and design of solid-phase linkers [1]
    Characterization of the Organic Matrix of Mature Human Tooth Enamel: Structure, Macromolecular Composition and Effect of Radiotherapy [1]
    Clear, Aqueous Topical Nanomicelle Formulation For Diabetic Macula Edema [1]
    Computational analysis and predictive modeling of polymorph descriptors [1]
    Cytochrome P450 enzymes and oxidative stress in tobacco/nicotine mediated HIV pathogenesis [1]
    Design and Evaluation of HIV Microbicides Loaded mucoadhesive Nanoformulation [1]
    Design and optimization of nanoformulation loaded with HIV microbicides [1]
    Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel intercalator analogs targeting therapeutically important polymerases and folded RNA [1]
    Development and characterization of advanced nitric oxide-delivering polymeric systems against cardiovascular complications [1]
    Development and Evaluation of Nanocarriers against Atherosclerosis [1]
    Development and evaluation of novel in situ depot-forming controlled release formulations [1]
    Development of Advanced Delivery Systems for Microbicides [1]
    Development of Closomer And MIBG based Nanoformulation: Application to HIV Prevention and Neuroblastoma Therapy [1]
    Development of drug conjugates in cancer therapy and evaluation of dual siRNA silencing effect on breast cancer growth and invasion [1]
    Development of Nanomedicine to Simultaneously Target Pancreatic Cancer Cells and Stroma [1]
    Development of Pentablock Copolymer Based Formulations for the Sustained Delivery of Protein Therapeutics in the Treatment of Posterior Segment Ocular Diseases [1]