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    2,1-Benzothiazines: preparation and reactivity [1]
    3D scene description and construction using spatial referencing language [1]
    5S: a workplace case study [1]
    Absences as causes: a defense of negative causation [1]
    Adaptation: re-creating the novel as a stage play [1]
    Adding pieces to the monocytic ehrlichiosis puzzle: treatment, etiology and protection with a canine model [1]
    The adsorption of fission products on VHTR structural materials [1]
    Adult attachment dynamics as a predictor of daily alcohol use and romantic relationship functioning [1]
    African American female students' voices: their social experiences and adjustment strategies at a predominately white university [1]
    Age differences in memory for names: the effect of pre-learned semantic associations [1]
    Allelopathic effects and removal of overseeded ryegrass on bermudagrass [1]
    Almost everywhere convergence for modified Bochner Riesz means at the critical index for [rho] [greater than or equal to] 2 [1]
    Ambrosia beetle habitat use, host use, and influence on early wood colonizing microbes in an oak-hickory forest [1]
    America's invisible workers: a study of migrant out-of-school youth [1]
    Amplifying peripheral tolerance in type 1 diabetes through regulatory T cells and inhibitory Fc receptors [1]
    "And the pressure is from cradle to grave": exploring Black manhood [1]
    Applications of the opto-fluidic ring resonator for DNA methylation analysis and microfluidic laser development [1]
    Aquatic toxicity of one dimensional carbon nanomaterials [1]
    Architectural coin types: reflections of Roman society [1]
    Articulated learning trajectories related to the development of algebraic thinking that follow from patterning concepts in middle grades mathematics [1]