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    A balancing act: negotiating the teacher roles of instructor and participant during a high school literature discussion unit [1]
    Biophysical and photobiological modulations of cellular pathways in Alzheimer's disease [1]
    The boys on the blogs: intermedia agenda setting in the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign [1]
    Bumping up the body: examining the impact of celebrity gossip magazines on body image during pregnancy [1]
    Campus recreation directors' leadership to provide professional assistance to help students obtain professional and graduate assistant positions [1]
    Carbon stars and silicon carbide [1]
    Characterization and MEMS applications of nanothermite materials [1]
    Characterization of progesterone receptor (PGR) mRNA and protein isoforms in the endometrium of cyclic and pregnant pigs [1]
    Characterizing and understanding self-assembling, nanocapsule host-guest systems [1]
    Classical and impulse stochastic control on the optimization of the dividends for the terminal bankruptcy model and its application [1]
    Clustering in relational data and ontologies [1]
    Collecting lymphatic vessel permeability to albumin and its modification by natriuretic peptides [1]
    College adjustment of Black/African American student-athletes at predominately-white institutions and historically black colleges and universities [1]
    Common and specific alcohol risk factors in African Americans and Caucasians [1]
    Communicating medical advances in television health news: the influence of a human interest frame on audiences' cognitive and emotional responses [1]
    Comparative analysis of aquatic insect, amphipod, and isopod community composition along environmental gradients in rheocrene spring systems of Missouri [1]
    A comparative study of faculty principles of practice in curricular learning communities and non-curricular learning communities environments [1]
    A comparative study of the effects of instructional design-based scaffolding and management-based scaffolding on learning in online collaborative groups [1]
    Comparing mosquito communities of various patch-matrix landscape combinations in central Missouri, with implications for developing models to forecast abundances of important mosquito taxa [1]
    A comparison of confirmatory factor analysis and task analysis of fluid intelligence cognitive subtests [1]