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    Finite point configurations and projection theorems in vector spaces over finite fields [1]
    Fragmented whole: a theory of narrative and identity [1]
    Friends in high places: ecology of mycorrhizal associations in alpine plant communities [1]
    Functional and pharmacological importance of the composite ATP binding site 1 in CFTR chloride channels [1]
    Functional study of Kcv potassium channel through manipultion [sic] of individual subunits [1]
    Fundamental building blocks of nanoporous networks from ultra-small-angle x-ray scattering (USAXS) and small-angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) experiments [1]
    Games of information: informational and normative influences of media structures on the likelihood of militarized interstate disputes [1]
    General self-efficacy and course satisfaction in online learning: a correlational study [1]
    Genetic variation and population structure in the endangered Houston toad in contrast to its common sympatric relative, the coastal plain toad [1]
    Goals of instruction: a cross case analysis of five secondary mathematics teachers [1]
    Hormonal and genetic regulation of Helicobacter hepaticus-induced intestinal inflammation [1]
    "I was sick and you visited me": the hospital of Saint John in Brussels and its patrons [1]
    The identification of a diagnostic biomarker panel for canine osteoarthritis [1]
    Identification of perceptions of reincarcerated men concerning community reintegration life experiences in Missouri as measured by the Community Reentry Survey and prediction of group membership [1]
    Illustrated editions: depicting the eighteenth-century British novel [1]
    The impact of conation on team effectiveness [1]
    Impact of social networks on well-being: evidence from Latino immigrants in non-urban Missouri communities [1]
    Impact of teacher concerns on response to intervention implementation [1]
    Impact the undergraduate student experience has on the development of alumni loyalty [1]
    The impacts of partner abundance on benefits from facultative pollination mutualism [1]