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    Mainstreamed English language instruction in a low-incidence rural school district: a case study
    Measurement of fission product diffusion in VHTR materials
    Measures on Hilbert spaces and applications to hydrodynamics
    Melodrama's afterlife: Jane Eyre, David Copperfield, and The Woman in White from the Victorian stage to the silent screen
    Middle level principals' perceptions of the adolescent literacy crisis: a qualitative study
    Missouri superintendents' perception of a sense of urgency to improve student academic performance
    A modeling approach to ultrasound evaluation of material properties
    Modeling the financial impact of management decisions on loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) production
    Molecularly imprinted polymer labeled with quantum dots for detection of nitroaromatic explosives
    Movement, habitat use, and spawning characteristics of flathead and blue catfish on the lower Missouri River and tributaries
    Multi-index, multi-object content-based retrieval with spatial summarization
    Negative political advertising and the charge of inconsistency: the rhetoric of "flip-flop" arguments
    No silver bullet: a Delphi study of emergent leadership in Missouri high-performing, high-poverty schools
    The nonepistemic psychological requirements for knowledge
    Novel macrocyclic compounds as building blocks in supramolecular chemistry
    Nutrient, water, and soil type mangement of biofuel feedstock production by corn, sorghum, and switchgrass
    The ogre as lycomorph
    On the theory of integer sequences
    On the use of multiple emitters to improve the TDOA source localization accuracy in the presence of random sensor position errors
    Paleoethnobotany of Buena Vista: a case study of ritual feasting in late Preceramic Peru