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    Radioanalytical multi-elemental analysis: new methodology and archaeometric applications [1]
    Rawlsian ethical act contractarianism [1]
    Reciprocity in marketing relationships [1]
    Reducing ergovaline and ergot alkaloid concentrations through fertilizer, herbicide and clipping management [1]
    Refined repetitive searches and long identical multi-species elements in mammals and plants: Insights into structure, function and evolution [1]
    Regulation of L-type calcium channel sparklet activity by PKC and C-src [1]
    Regulation of Pcl6 and Pcl7 in a Glc7 pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [1]
    Reinforcement signaling in Drosophila [1]
    The relationship and differences between parent, student, and teacher responses to the Missouri School Improvement Program cycle three advanced questionnaire climate items and student ACT performance [1]
    The relationship between learners' motivational schemas, learners' affect, and changes to learners' achievement goals: a test of the cognitive change of motivational beliefs model [1]
    The relationship of emotional intelligence and self-efficacy of first and second year principals in Missouri [1]
    Remobilization of leaf nitrogen in stockpiled tall fescue [1]
    Robust receiver design for RF communication and underwater acoustic communication [1]
    A role for insulin in the central control of sympathetic nerve activity in humans [1]
    The role of ERF transcription factors in defenses against specialist and generalist herbivores in Arabidopsis thaliana [1]
    The role of family communication in individual attitudes and behaviors concerning nutrition and physical activity [1]
    The role of intentions in the pursuit of happiness [1]
    The role of professional learning communities in changing high school educator behaviors and high school student outcomes [1]
    Ruminal degradation of protein and carbohydrate in the domestic and wild ruminant [1]
    Rural low-income mothers' perspectives on children's feeding practices [1]