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    Scandinavians and settlement in the eastern Irish sea region during the Viking age
    Seasonality and elevational migration in an Andean bird community
    The self perception of leadership efficacy of elementary principals and the effects on student achievement
    Self-aligned microchip device for automated measurement of quantal exocytosis
    "Send only your serious cases"--delivering flu to Toronto: an anthropological analysis of the 1918-19 influenza epidemic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Simulation, reflection, and feedback in medical education
    Social influence in a 3D virtual learning environment for individuals with autism spectrum disorders
    Socialization activities and professional competencies within a graduate social work program
    The socio-cultural perceptions of food habits, body image and obesity of black-American women in Columbia, Missouri
    Statistical inference in wireless sensor and mobile networks
    Stories of K-12 English language learner teachers developing professionally through informal collaboration within occupational communities
    A study of child development alumni perceptions of the quality of professional preparation for employment in low socio-economic child care settings
    A study of elementary mathematics teachers' knowledge of equity
    A study of teacher knowledge as secondary mathematics teachers use a new technology
    A study of the evaluation process of Lutheran high school administrators and their perceptions regarding the evaluation process
    Study of the impact of mentoring relationships on the entry level job search process in the field of student affairs
    Studying Janus behavior: how support, deterrence, grievances and organizational structure shape violent and peaceful behaviors
    Successful black entrepreneurs in Columbia, Missouri
    Superintendent instructional leadership: selected leadership behaviors and their relationships to an instructional intervention
    Survivor leaders: a grounded theory inquiry into leadership practices of childhood trauma survivors