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    Pathway approaches to dissecting the inheritance of maize shoot-borne roots [1]
    Physiological responses of continental (summer-active) and mediterranean (summer-dormant) tall Fescue to cold stress and identification of underlying QTL for fall growth and winter survival [1]
    A policy study about equity and college access: the Missouri A+ schools program [1]
    Practices that constitute successful school superintendent leadership: perceptions from established rural school superintendents [1]
    Professional evolution stories as told by secondary teachers while immersed in professional learning community collaboration [1]
    Program assessment: industrial hygiene and safety sciences [1]
    Proteomic identification of the differentially expressed and phosphorylated proteins in 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E) signal transduction pathway in salivary gland of Drosophila melanogaster [1]
    A qualitative analysis of elementary teachers' perceptions about the impact of the IPI process on classroom practices [1]
    A qualitative study of the perceptions of the use of the teacher work sample methodology in student teaching [1]
    Refined repetitive searches and long identical multi-species elements in mammals and plants: Insights into structure, function and evolution [1]
    Regulation of L-type calcium channel sparklet activity by PKC and C-src [1]
    The relationship and differences between parent, student, and teacher responses to the Missouri School Improvement Program cycle three advanced questionnaire climate items and student ACT performance [1]
    The relationship between learners' motivational schemas, learners' affect, and changes to learners' achievement goals: a test of the cognitive change of motivational beliefs model [1]
    The relationship of emotional intelligence and self-efficacy of first and second year principals in Missouri [1]
    The role of family communication in individual attitudes and behaviors concerning nutrition and physical activity [1]
    Stories of K-12 English language learner teachers developing professionally through informal collaboration within occupational communities [1]
    A study of child development alumni perceptions of the quality of professional preparation for employment in low socio-economic child care settings [1]
    Study of the impact of mentoring relationships on the entry level job search process in the field of student affairs [1]
    Synthesis and evaluation of sigma receptor ligands [1]
    Teacher collaboration and student learning: a multilevel structural equation modeling analysis [1]