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    5S: a workplace case study
    Amplifying peripheral tolerance in type 1 diabetes through regulatory T cells and inhibitory Fc receptors
    Architectural coin types: reflections of Roman society
    Assessment of prestressed reinforced concrete box girder bridges under blast loads
    Bringing up context: reconciling inmates' narratives and institutional rhetoric in prison policy
    Characterization of skeletal muscle in mouse models of osteogenesis imperfecta and myostatin deficiency
    Does hangover have an acute impact on future drinking?
    Ecological momentary assessment of affective instability, impulsivity, and alcohol use in borderline personality disorder
    The effects of exercise and omega-3 fatty acid supplementation as treatments for hepatic steatosis
    Essays on idea sharing and investor performance
    An examination of teacher perceptions of training methodology and matriculation as related to systemic technology reform: a case study of Missouri veteran eMINTS teachers
    Exploring the dynamics of competing risk models for multiple discrete outcomes
    Fabrication and modification of thin-film composite membrane for enhanced membrane performances
    First-principle simulation of blast barrier effectiveness for the development of simplified design tools
    Genome-wide microbial phylogeny reconstruction with polytomy identification
    Hydrogen storage in pressed nanophase diamond powder
    The impact of trained peers on the generalization of social competence of adolescents with autism spectrum disorders participating in a school-based social competence program
    In the permanent collection : poems
    Individual differences affect hormonal responses to a team-based violent videogame competition, but not in solitary play
    Large-scale fabrication of SiC nanofibers and plasma interface engineering of polymer nanocomposites and dental composite restoration