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    Bat avoidance in the katydid genus Neoconocephalus
    Beyond the byline: the diffusion of convergence curriculum at journalism schools
    Biodegradation of selected organic nitrogen compounds in activated sludge systems
    Building shape-shifting tries for fast IP lookup
    Built to measure: reconstructing an ancient measurement system from extant architecture at Casas Grandes
    The Bush effect: campaign news linking presidential candidates to the incumbent president
    Business activities, competitive advantages, ownership types of the textile and apparel industries in China
    Can 16-month-old infants make transitive inferences?
    Can sixteen month old infants make transitive inferences?
    Can women really have it all?: a textual analysis of the portrayal of mothers in Good housekeeping, Woman's day, and Family circle
    Canine T-regulatory cells in aging and cancer: quantifying a unique T cell subset
    CDPPB reverses an NMDA receptor antagonist-induced deficit in inhibitory avoidance and conditioned taste aversion learning in rats
    Channeling the waves: the use of radio narrowcasting on niche voting groups in the 2005 Virginia gubernatorial election
    Characterization of thermally activated solid electrolyte lithium anode primary reserve batteries
    Chloramine and MIEX control of disinfection by-products formed from an alluvial aquifer water source
    Climate change in the newsroom: journalists' evolving standards of objectivity when covering global warming
    Climatology of atmospheric blocking 1978-2008: global and hemispheric breakdown, as well as impacts of temperature, and global climate cycles
    The climatology of dew points and fire weather related parameters in the Missouri-Arkansas region
    Comparative imaging of canine shoulder osteochondrosis lesions
    Comparing the impacts of biofuels using survey and non-survey data