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    Damaged [1]
    Data control for signal scavenging for a personnel detection system [1]
    Defining characteristics of online-only news websites: a case study on the St. Louis Beacon [1]
    Design and implementation of a portable prTorrent simulator system [1]
    Design of a signal scavenging sensor system for passive monitoring in elder care technology [1]
    Determination of fat percentage using three different methods within marbling scores on beef longissimus muscle [1]
    Determination of probabilistic models for resistance of Missouri bridges [1]
    Deterring true believers: perffect [sic] deterrence theory, capability and the problem of Al Qaeda [1]
    Developing new fitted closure approximations for short-fiber reinforced polymer composites [1]
    Development of a combined dilatometer and mass spectrometer system for studying gas phase chemistry and kinetics during sintering [1]
    Development of a pH sensitive coumarin based chemosensor [1]
    Development of a predictive model for the design of parts fabricated by fused deposition modeling [1]
    Development of an in-vitro model of equine corneal wound healing ; pharmacologic and gene therapy modalities in the reduction of corneal fibrosis [1]
    Development of an online planning tool for designing terrace layouts [1]
    Development of gold nanoparticle conjugated polyethylene terephthalate for improved biocompatibility in hernia repair materials [1]
    Development of land-use map for Salt River basin using satellite imagery [1]
    Dominant substrates used by methanogens in hypersaline environments [1]
    Eccentric and concentric resistance exercise induced changes on insulin sensitivity and inflammation [1]
    Economic analysis of woody biomass harvesting in the Missouri Ozarks [1]
    Effect of ovulatory follicle size on bovine pregnancy associated glycoproteins in beef cattle [1]