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    Eccentric and concentric resistance exercise induced changes on insulin sensitivity and inflammation [1]
    Economic analysis of woody biomass harvesting in the Missouri Ozarks [1]
    Effect of ovulatory follicle size on bovine pregnancy associated glycoproteins in beef cattle [1]
    Effective spokespersons on Twitter: experimenting with how profile gender & network size impact user perceptions of credibility and social attraction [1]
    Effects of a combined supercritical extraction/thermal cycle on binder removal cycle time, yield, residual carbon, and defect formation in multilayer ceramic capacitors [1]
    The effects of an mGluR7 agonist, AMN082, on conditioned taste aversion [1]
    Effects of Artemisia afra and Artemisia absinthium on fertility of male mice exposed to increased ambient temperatures for 24 hours [1]
    Effects of heat stress and fescue toxicosis on the immune system and other physiological parameters [1]
    Effects of ingredients on gel properties and salt-soluble proteins of sirimi from silver carp [1]
    Effects of isometric exercise on the relationship between muscle pain and resting blood pressure and resting heart rate [1]
    Effects of socioeconomics on European starling (Sturnus vulgaris) abundance in Baltimore, Maryland [1]
    Efficacy of interferon-stimulated genes and pregnancy-associated glycoproteins for pregnancy diagnosis within an estrus resynchronization protocol for dairy cattle [1]
    Electron emission thermal energy conversion [1]
    Elite defection and legitimacy in democratic revolutions: a comparative case study of Serbia, Ukraine, and Iran [1]
    Enhanced rhizodegradation of munitions explosives and degradates by selected native grass species [1]
    Entrainment and transport of coarse stream bed material in a fluviokarst watershed, south-central Missouri: a tracer particle study [1]
    Environmental education in mid-Missouri: needs and constraints influencing field trip participation of K-8 teachers [1]
    Environmental effects on subsurface defect detection in concrete without solar load [1]
    Establishing pin oak reproduction in bottomland forests in southeastern Missouri [1]
    Establishment of silvopastoral system into a Missouri hardwood forest [1]