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    Paleozoological stable isotope data for modern management of historically extirpated Missouri black bears (Ursus americanus) [1]
    Patients with venous thromboembolism have higher prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea than the general population [1]
    The patriotic impact of World War I on the Texas Posten, a Swedish-language newspaper [1]
    Performance analysis of parallel flow intersection and displaced left turn intersection designs [1]
    Phage display peptides for breast cancer targeting [1]
    Pharmacologic and gene therapy modalities in the reduction of corneal fibrosis [1]
    Picturing Dixieland: a qualitative analysis of early twenty-first century newspaper photojournalism in the American South [1]
    Players in control: narrative, new media, and Dungeons & dragons [1]
    Political economy, political entrepreneurship and biofuels regulation in the US [1]
    The politics of election coverage: a content analysis of Indiana's two largest newspapers during the 2008 presidential election [1]
    Postmodern values in the U.S. Navy: implications for morale, welfare and recreation programming [1]
    Producing effective stories: the influence of presentation type and emotional tone on attention, arousal and memory [1]
    The production, applications and economic study of activated carbon for large scale production including an educational study on undergraduate laboratory modules [1]
    Production, characterization, and applications of activated carbon [1]
    A protocol for simultaneous real time playback and full quality storage of streaming media [1]
    A quantitative content analysis of shifting dependency patterns in U.S. foreign news content [1]
    Radioactive Au for potential radiotherapeutic application [1]
    Rapid isolation of target bacteria from complex matrices [1]
    Re-altered landscapes [1]
    The real world: frames of authenticity in features articles of leisure travel magazines [1]