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    A quantitative content analysis of shifting dependency patterns in U.S. foreign news content
    Radioactive Au for potential radiotherapeutic application
    Rapid isolation of target bacteria from complex matrices
    Re-altered landscapes
    The real world: frames of authenticity in features articles of leisure travel magazines
    The reality of celebrity journalism: a look at the changing presence of reality TV celebs in People magazine
    Reconstructing activity patterns in prehistoric Jomon people using long bone cross-sectional geometry
    Redundancy in a community corrections network: testing the role of service-provider redundancy in Missouri's community correction implementation network
    Relation-based item slotting
    The relationship between negative affectivity, affective instability, and interpersonal stressors in borderline personality disorder
    Reporting from the front: a textual analysis of embedded reporting in the New York Times
    Resource selection and space use of the critically endangered Tuamotu Kingfisher (Todiramphus gambieri)
    Responsibility framing and the Obama health care reform bill
    A revolutionary heroine for the twentieth century: Sybil Ludington in media, myth, and American memory
    The role of bridging and linking social capital in household wealth: a case study of two livelihoods in Treasure Beach, Jamaica
    The role of cytoplasmic polyadenylation element sequence on mRNA abundance in porcine embryogenesis
    The role of product category involvement when stealing thunder during organizational crises
    Role of the media during political events in authoritarian, democratization and democratic periods in Korea
    The sacred life of the hetaira in ancient Greece
    Sarah Ruhl's women: gender, representation and subversion in the Clean house, Eurydice and In the next room, or the vibrator play