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    Technology in the online newsroom: the use of collaborative tools in virtual team management [1]
    Temporal mining framework for risk reduction and early detection of chronic diseases [1]
    Temporal patterns and variability of trophic state parameters in Missouri reservoirs [1]
    Temporary public eating places: food safety knowledge and practices [1]
    Three-dimensional body scanning :|a novel technique for body composition assessment [1]
    The torn page: fashioning identity through Venetian incunabular ornament [1]
    Tradeoff analysis for an integrated transportation and inventory distribution network using mixed integer linear programming [1]
    Trained to censor?: a study of student expression issues in Missouri principal preparation programs [1]
    Transcriptional profiling by deep sequencing indentifies [sic] differences in mRNA transcript abundance in in vivo derived vs. in vitro cultured porcine blastocyst stage embryos [1]
    Transgressions: drag and contemporary self-portrait photography [1]
    Translocation and Conservation of Hellbenders (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis) in Missouri [1]
    Trauma and the fantastic in twentieth century war fiction [1]
    Understanding citizen satisfaction with democracy in Central and Eastern Europe [1]
    An unintended order :|the centrality of character and circumstance in the twelfth-century Gilbertine communities [1]
    Upgrading conventional cold-formed steel connections to protect against moderate blast events [1]
    Using early numeracy indicators as a means to predict long-term math achievement [1]
    Validity of the hangover symptoms scale: evidence from two diary studies [1]
    Vehicle license plate detection and recognition [1]
    Views separated by time and terrain: the feminine perspective in the travel writings of Isabella Bird and Kira Salak [1]
    The vintners on the Missouri: political process and social control during the campaign against prohibition [1]