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    Mediating indigenous geographies: a discourse analysis of Chickasaw media
    Members of Congress respond to the political blogosphere
    Metallic nanotoxicity to bacteria and bacteriophages
    Methods and strategies for bridging the design practitioner-researcher gap
    The minimal primary structures of RNA aptamers selected to bind HIV-1 reverse transcriptase
    Models and algorithms for complex system optimization problems :|applications to hospital layout and LED traffic signal maintenance
    Molecular dynamics simulation of nanosintering processes
    Monuments of human antiquity: William Blake's Milton, a poem as a topographical survey of human creativity
    Motivation for enrolling in school-based agricultural education expressed by CAFNR freshmen students
    Motivational use of Twitter
    Motivations and sensation seeking behind recreational storm chasers in the United States
    Necessary imbalance: ceramic sculpture as human social analogue
    A new approach to data backup
    New consensus-based algorithms for quality assessment in protein structure prediction
    Now you see it, now you don't :|preschoolers' sensitivity to spatiotemporal continuity
    Observation of food safety behavioral practices in foodservice employees after training and examination
    Online newspapers' visual character and perceptions of credibility
    Optimal routing in a high threat environment :|models and algorithms
    Optimization of aeration schemes and motor and blower usage for wastewater treatment
    Optimization of chemical dosing in water treatment for enhanced coagulation/softening as it pertains to DBP removal