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    Streambank erosion and risk assessment of contaminant transport in Missouri watersheds
    A study of gender stereotypes in the news coverage of the 1984 and 2008 vice-presidential campaigns
    A study of internal change communication practices: message, media, channel and approach
    A study of perceived attributes of Asian foods: comparison of implicit and explicit attitude measures
    A study of the roles of geomorphology and perception in the implementation of stream restoration projects
    A study on college job applicant's intention to refuse job offer
    Survival and exopolysaccharide production of lactic acid bacteria grown on grape pomace
    Technology in the online newsroom: the use of collaborative tools in virtual team management
    Temporal mining framework for risk reduction and early detection of chronic diseases
    Temporal patterns and variability of trophic state parameters in Missouri reservoirs
    Temporary public eating places: food safety knowledge and practices
    Three-dimensional body scanning :|a novel technique for body composition assessment
    Trained to censor?: a study of student expression issues in Missouri principal preparation programs
    Transcriptional profiling by deep sequencing indentifies [sic] differences in mRNA transcript abundance in in vivo derived vs. in vitro cultured porcine blastocyst stage embryos
    Trauma and the fantastic in twentieth century war fiction
    An unintended order : the centrality of character and circumstance in the twelfth-century Gilbertine communities
    Validity of the hangover symptoms scale: evidence from two diary studies
    Vehicle license plate detection and recognition
    Views separated by time and terrain: the feminine perspective in the travel writings of Isabella Bird and Kira Salak
    Visitor experiences at Eagle Days in Missouri