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    Control and characterization of a cyclotron proton beam
    The control of blood flow in skeletal muscle arterioles
    Cosmopolitanism as a measure of political tolerance: an inquiry into the acceptability of homosexuality
    Culturally conditioned privacy in online photosharing: a comparison between American and Chinese users of social network sites
    Data control for signal scavenging for a personnel detection system
    Design of a signal scavenging sensor system for passive monitoring in elder care technology
    Determination of fat percentage using three different methods within marbling scores on beef longissimus muscle
    Deterring true believers: perffect [sic] deterrence theory, capability and the problem of Al Qaeda
    Developing new fitted closure approximations for short-fiber reinforced polymer composites
    Development of a combined dilatometer and mass spectrometer system for studying gas phase chemistry and kinetics during sintering
    Development of a pH sensitive coumarin based chemosensor
    Development of a predictive model for the design of parts fabricated by fused deposition modeling
    Development of an in-vitro model of equine corneal wound healing ; pharmacologic and gene therapy modalities in the reduction of corneal fibrosis
    Development of an online planning tool for designing terrace layouts
    Development of gold nanoparticle conjugated polyethylene terephthalate for improved biocompatibility in hernia repair materials
    Development of land-use map for Salt River basin using satellite imagery
    Dietary fat source alters pork fat quality
    Eccentric and concentric resistance exercise induced changes on insulin sensitivity and inflammation
    Economic analysis of woody biomass harvesting in the Missouri Ozarks