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    Eccentric and concentric resistance exercise induced changes on insulin sensitivity and inflammation
    Economic analysis of woody biomass harvesting in the Missouri Ozarks
    Effect of ovulatory follicle size on bovine pregnancy associated glycoproteins in beef cattle
    Effective spokespersons on Twitter: experimenting with how profile gender & network size impact user perceptions of credibility and social attraction
    Effects of a combined supercritical extraction/thermal cycle on binder removal cycle time, yield, residual carbon, and defect formation in multilayer ceramic capacitors
    The effects of an mGluR7 agonist, AMN082, on conditioned taste aversion
    Effects of Artemisia afra and Artemisia absinthium on fertility of male mice exposed to increased ambient temperatures for 24 hours
    Effects of heat stress and fescue toxicosis on the immune system and other physiological parameters
    Effects of isometric exercise on the relationship between muscle pain and resting blood pressure and resting heart rate
    Effects of socioeconomics on European starling (Sturnus vulgaris) abundance in Baltimore, Maryland
    Electron emission thermal energy conversion
    Enhanced rhizodegradation of munitions explosives and degradates by selected native grass species
    Entrainment and transport of coarse stream bed material in a fluviokarst watershed, south-central Missouri: a tracer particle study
    Environmental education in mid-Missouri: needs and constraints influencing field trip participation of K-8 teachers
    Establishing pin oak reproduction in bottomland forests in southeastern Missouri
    Establishment of silvopastoral system into a Missouri hardwood forest
    Examining the impact of Beijing 2008 Olympic games on foreign news coverage on China: a content analysis
    Exploring the relationships between livelihood dimensions and socio-ecological resilience in the Bolivian altiplano
    Exploring the virtual communities of college football fans :|the uses and gratifications of online message boards
    Factors influencing hunter participation, harvest, satisfaction, and landscape preference in an urban archery deer program