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    Factors influencing hunter participation, harvest, satisfaction, and landscape preference in an urban archery deer program
    Floor sensor development using signal scavenging for personnel detection system
    Following the money: how salient is media ownership information to U.S. citizens?
    Foreign occupation and the development of Filipino nationalism
    Forest harvest effects on soil chemical properties and nutrient concentrations in Ozark Highland soils
    Frequency of coaching behaviors used by agriculture teachers in relation to the State Floriculture Career Development event team rank
    Fundamentalist rhetorics of self-determination: a feminist conundrum
    Gas pumping efect from dielectrophoretically driven liquid droplet in a closed microfluidic channel
    Gas pumping effect from dielectrophoretically driven liquid droplet in a closed microfluidic channel
    A genetic approach to determine river otter abundance in Missouri
    Geochemistry and reaction path modeling of the Beowawe hydrothermal system, Nevada: a barren end-member epithermal system
    Geographic information systems used for precision agriculture: knowledge and use by agriculture students at the University of Missouri (MU)
    The geography of protest at the School of the Americas
    GUI for debugging and development of reconfigurable, evolving systems enabled by embedded hardware blocks
    Hefner model parameters for power IGBTS under pulsed power conditions
    A high efficiency ejector refrigeration system
    History at risk: a survey to determine the size and status of local television news archives in the United States
    Identification and management of glyphosate-resistant annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.)
    The identification of prehistoric Amazonian slash-and-burn cultivation practices using agent-based modeling
    Immunomodulators in feline asthma