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    Paleozoological stable isotope data for modern management of historically extirpated Missouri black bears (Ursus americanus)
    Patients with venous thromboembolism have higher prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea than the general population
    The patriotic impact of World War I on the Texas Posten, a Swedish-language newspaper
    Phage display peptides for breast cancer targeting
    Pharmacologic and gene therapy modalities in the reduction of corneal fibrosis
    Picturing Dixieland: a qualitative analysis of early twenty-first century newspaper photojournalism in the American South
    Players in control: narrative, new media, and Dungeons & dragons
    Political economy, political entrepreneurship and biofuels regulation in the US
    The politics of election coverage: a content analysis of Indiana's two largest newspapers during the 2008 presidential election
    Producing effective stories: the influence of presentation type and emotional tone on attention, arousal and memory
    The production, applications and economic study of activated carbon for large scale production including an educational study on undergraduate laboratory modules
    Production, characterization, and applications of activated carbon
    A protocol for simultaneous real time playback and full quality storage of streaming media
    Radioactive Au for potential radiotherapeutic application
    Rapid isolation of target bacteria from complex matrices
    The real world: frames of authenticity in features articles of leisure travel magazines
    Reconstructing activity patterns in prehistoric Jomon people using long bone cross-sectional geometry
    Redundancy in a community corrections network: testing the role of service-provider redundancy in Missouri's community correction implementation network
    Relation-based item slotting
    Resource selection and space use of the critically endangered Tuamotu Kingfisher (Todiramphus gambieri)