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    Frame interpolation in H.264 [1]
    Heritable, differential gene expression in pre-implantation embryos from rats with endometriosis and their daughters [1]
    Human fall detection using a circular audio sensor array [1]
    An integrated approach for characterization of properties and mesostructure for FDM Ultem 9085 [1]
    Introduction of low noise amplifier for ultra-wideband radar receiver [1]
    "It is a hell for one" : "psychotic depression" and suicide in David Foster Wallace's Infinite jest [1]
    Life cycle energy consumption cost model for manufacturing equipment [1]
    Making movies that matter : how documentary films persuade viewers' beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors [1]
    A mouse model of embolic focal ischemic stroke for investigation of anti-thrombotic therapies [1]
    Re-altered landscapes [1]
    A revolutionary heroine for the twentieth century : Sybil Ludington in media, myth, and American memory [1]
    The role of product category involvement when stealing thunder during organizational crises [1]
    The sacred life of the hetaira in ancient Greece [1]
    A search for the behavioral roots of consociationalism : the case of Kenya [1]
    Significance-linked connected component analysis+ for wavelet image coding [1]
    The socially filtered media agenda : a study of agenda setting among news outlets on Twitter [1]
    A study of public opinion relative to organizations : reviewing representation of local media and nonprofit organizations [1]
    Switchgrass production in the central claypan region of Missouri [1]
    Tradeoff analysis for an integrated transportation and inventory distribution network using mixed integer linear programming [1]
    Transgressions : drag and contemporary self-portrait photography [1]