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    From Galton to Globalization: The Transatlantic Journey of Eugenics [1]
    How Discrimination Experiences Impact Prolonged Grief Disorder Symptoms in Bereaved Black and African Americans [1]
    Intolerance of Uncertainty and the Physiological Correlates of Anticipation and Appraisal of Affective Stimuli [1]
    La Generazione dell'Ottanta and the Italian Sound [1]
    Measuring Level of Degradation in Power Semiconductor Devices using Emerging Techniques [1]
    Missouri Farmers' Perceptions of Climate Change, Adaptation Strategies and the Adoption and Diffusion of Market-Oriented Risk Management Strategies [1]
    Modeling and simulation of silicon photonics based optical ring resonator biosensor [1]
    Motivating Mathematicians: A Theoretical Framework of Professional Development to Support Efficacious Behaviors for Teachers of Elementary Mathematics [1]
    Moving Mesh Finite Element Method for Time Dependent Convection-Diffusion Problems [1]
    Nanomicelles And Liposomes For Improving Drug Delivery of Small Molecules And siRNA Therapeutic Agents [1]
    Obtaining Gold: A Heuristic Inquiry on Successful Non-Traditional Black Male Students at a Midwestern Predominantly White Institution [1]
    On-chip Voltage Regulator– Circuit Design and Automation [1]
    Pediatric Lead Poisoning and The Built Environment in Kansas City, Missouri 2000-2013 [1]
    Perceived Discrimination, Social Connectedness, Religious Coping, and Perceived Climate on Traumatic Stress for Muslim International Students [1]
    Protecting the Self, Protecting White Supremacy: Exploring the Relationship Between Psychological Defense, Gender, and White Fragility [1]
    RUPEE: A Big Data Approach to Indexing and Searching Protein Structures [1]
    Scalable Acceleration of The Characteristic Mode Analysis Computational Toolbox Using Big Data Techniques [1]
    Second chance: the paradox of felony convictions [1]
    Software Analytics for Improving Program Comprehension [1]
    Survivable and reliable design of cellular and vehicular networks for safety applications [1]