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    3D modeling and integration of current and future interconnect technologies [1]
    A Computational Study of The Electrical Response of Biological Cells with Realistic Three-Dimensional Morphologies [1]
    A Heuristic Narrative Exploration of Teacher Perception: The Usefulness of Teacher Evaluation [1]
    A Narrative Analysis of Spiritual Coping in Individuals with Terminal Heart Failure [1]
    A Semiotic Approach to Russian Military Map Symbology and Terms [1]
    A study of carbon and iron charged point defects in gallium nitride: electronic structure implications for high-power photoconductive solid state switch applications [1]
    AI-based Edge Computing System for Event Based Analytics [1]
    Amorphous hydrogenated boron carbide for solid-state direct-conversion thermal neutron detection [1]
    An analysis of the decision to formally register a new venture in Sub-Saharan Africa [1]
    An Approach For Scalable First-Order Rule Learning On Twitter Data [1]
    An attention-based view on environmental exigencies and opportunity valuation [1]
    An Inquiry into the Relationship between Community and Text: Narratives and Iconography Depicting Christian Women with Authority in Late Antiquity [1]
    Be Resilient: Examining the Relationship Between Staff Nurse Incivility and Undergraduate Nursing Students' Sense of Belonging to the Nursing Profession [1]
    Bugs, Drugs and Data: Antibiotic Resistance, Prevalence and Prediction of Bug-Drug Mismatch using Electronic Health Records (EHR) Data [1]
    Building a reliable and secure management framework for software-defined networks [1]
    Carrying their second backpack: understanding the lived experiences of teachers working with trauma-affected students during the Covid-19 pandemic [1]
    CEO narcissism and strategic entrepreneurial behaviors: the moderating role of industry environment [1]
    Challenges and solutions for large-scale integration of emerging technologies [1]
    CHamorus' Narratives and Perceptions of Historical Trauma and Contemporary Health in Guam [1]
    Cognitive tutoring and assessment systems and mathematics achievement: a quantitative study of the Summit Learning Platform [1]