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    Adaptive multi-target tracking in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks [1]
    Adaptive Random Sampling for Traffic Volume Measurement [1]
    Analysis of point-to-point packet delay in an operational network, Computer Networks [1]
    Design of Ternary Logic and Arithmetic Circuits Using GNRFET [1]
    Dynamic capacity planning of wireless networks using user mobility behavior in smart cities [1]
    An embedded multichannel telemetry unit for bone strain monitoring [1]
    Fast Frequency Estimation by Zero Crossings of Differential Spline Wavelet Transform [1]
    An informatics search for the low-molecular weight chromium-binding peptide [1]
    Investigation of Multiple-valued Logic Technologies for Beyond-binary Era [1]
    Network quality aware routing in error-prone wireless sensor networks [1]
    NQAR: Network Quality Aware Routing in Error-Prone Wireless Sensor Networks [1]
    NQAR: Network quality aware routing in error-prone wireless sensor networks [1]
    QoS and channel aware packet bundling for VoIP traffic in cellular networks [1]
    QoS and channel-aware packet bundeling for capacity improvement in cellular networks [1]
    Quantile sampling for practical delay monitoring in Internet backbone networks [1]
    Security in User- Assisted Communications [1]
    Sex-dimorphic gene expression and ineffective dosage compensation of Z-linked genes in gastrulating chicken embryos [1]
    Tandem machine learning for the identification of genes regulated by transcription factors [1]
    Understanding the performance of TCP and UDP-based Data Transfer Protocols using EMULAB [1]
    Using RTT Variability for Adaptive Cross-Layer Approach to Multimedia Delivery in Heterogeneous Networks [1]