Magnetic ordering in the spinel compound Li[Mn2-xLix]O4(x=0,0.04)

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Magnetic ordering in the spinel compound Li[Mn2-xLix]O4(x=0,0.04)

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[-] show simple item record Gaddy, John Lamsal, Jagat Petrovic, Marcus Montfrooij, Wouter Schmets, Alexander J. M. Vojta, Thomas 2010-08-09T15:16:24Z 2010-08-09T15:16:24Z 2009-03 eng
dc.identifier.citation J. Appl. Phys. 105, 07D532 (2009) en
dc.identifier.issn 0021-8979
dc.description DOI: 10.1063/1.3073660 en
dc.description.abstract The two B-site ions Mn3+ and Mn4+ in the stoichiometric spinel structure LiMn2O4 form a complex, columnar ordered pattern below the charge-ordering transition at room temperature. On further cooling to below 66 K, the system develops long-range antiferromagnetic order. In contrast, whereas lithium-substituted Li[Mn2−xLix]O4 also undergoes a charge-ordering transition around room temperature, it only displays frozen in short-range magnetic order below ∼ 25-30 K. We investigate to what extent the columnar charge-order pattern observed in LiMn2O4 can account for the measured magnetic ordering patterns in both the pure and Li-substituted (x = 0.04) compounds. We conclude that eightfold rings of Mn4+ ions form the main magnetic unit in both compounds (x = 0,0.04), and that clusters formed out of these rings act as superspins in the doped compound. en
dc.description.sponsorship This material is based on work supported by the Departmentof Energy under Award No. DE-FG02-07ER46381 andby the University of Missouri Research Board Grant No. RB-07-52 . en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher American Institute of Physics en
dc.relation.ispartof Physics and Astronomy publications en
dc.subject spin arrangements in magnetically ordered materials en
dc.subject spin-glass and other random models en
dc.subject antiferromagnetics en
dc.subject.lcsh Lithium compounds en
dc.subject.lcsh Antiferromagnetism en
dc.subject.lcsh Magnetic structure en
dc.title Magnetic ordering in the spinel compound Li[Mn2-xLix]O4(x=0,0.04) en
dc.type Article en
dc.relation.ispartofcommunity University of Missouri-Columbia. College of Arts and Sciences. Department of Physics and Astronomy

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