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    Angular Distribution of Diffuse Reflectance in Biological Tissue [1]
    Applying the Polarization Memory Effect in Polarization-gated Subsurface Imaging [1]
    Computational model of extracellular glutamate in the nucleus accumbens predicts neuroadaptations by chronic cocaine [1]
    Coregulation of Ion Channel Conductances Preserves Output in a Computational Model of a Crustacean Cardiac Motor Neuron [1]
    Correcting Optical-Axis Calculation in Polarization-Sensitive Optical Coherence Tomography [1]
    Crystallization of amorphous silicon by self-propagation of nanoengineered thermites [1]
    Effects of Inhomogeneous Myofibril Morphology on Optical Diffraction in Single Muscle Fibers [1]
    Effects of Turbid Media Optical Properties on Object Visibility in Subsurface Polarization Imaging [1]
    Equi-intensity Distribution of Optical Reflectance in a Fibrous Turbid Medium [1]
    Expression of Target Optical Properties in Subsurface Polarization-gated Imaging [1]
    Imaging 2D Optical Diffuse Reflectance in Skeletal Muscle [1]
    Imaging Obscured Subsurface Inhomogeneity Using Laser Speckle [1]
    Monitoring Sarcomere Structure Changes in Whole Muscle Using Diffuse Light Reflectance [1]
    Monte Carlo Model for Studying the Effects of Melanin Concentrations on Retina Light Absorption [1]
    Mueller Matrix Decomposition of Diffuse Reflectance Imaging in Skeletal Muscle [1]
    Polarization-sensitive Reflectance Imaging in Skeletal Muscle [1]
    Single Camera Spectral Domain Polarization-sensitive Optical Coherence Tomography Using Offset B-scan Modulation [1]
    Transillumination Optical Tomography of Tissue-Engineered Blood Vessels: A Monte Carlo Simulation [1]