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Gravitomagnetic Jets

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Title: Gravitomagnetic Jets
Author: Chicone, Carmen Charles; Mashhoon, Bahram
Keywords: high energy astrophysical phenomena
Date: 2010-08
Publisher: arXiv
Citation: arXiv:1005.1420v3
Abstract: We present a family of dynamic rotating cylindrically symmetric Ricci-flat gravitational fields whose geodesic motions have the structure of gravitomagnetic jets. These correspond to helical motions of free test particles up and down parallel to the axis of cylindrical symmetry and are reminiscent of the motion of test charges in a magnetic field. The speed of a test particle in a gravitomagnetic jet asymptotically approaches the speed of light. Moreover, numerical evidence suggests that jets are attractors. The possible implications of our results for the role of gravitomagnetism in the formation of astrophysical jets are briefly discussed.

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