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    Acid-sensing ion channels as a novel target for drug addiction [abstract] [1]
    Amphetamine Alters Acid-Sensing Ion Channel Expression in the Rat Striatum [1]
    Amphetamine Alters Group I mGluR Expression in the Rat Striatum and Medial Prefrontal Cortex [1]
    Associations between the built environment and physical activity in public housing residents [1]
    A Bayesian Analysis for Identifying DNA Copy Number Variations Using a Compound Poisson Process [1]
    Chronic Fibrotic Changes in Experimental Pulmonary Embolization in the Rat Model [1]
    Clearing the hurdles for nanotechnology: In vivo inhalation effects [1]
    delta-Tocotrienol and quercetin reduce serum levels of nitric oxide and lipid parameters in female chickens [1]
    Gene selection for classification of microarray data based on the Bayes error [1]
    HAPSIMU: a genetic simulation platform for population-based association studies [1]
    Inhibition of nitric oxide and inflammatory cytokines in LPS-stimulated murine macrophages by resveratrol, a potent proteasome inhibitor [1]
    Inhibition of nitric oxide in LPS-stimulated macrophages of young and senescent mice by delta-tocotrienol and quercetin. [1]
    The neuroprotective properties of palmitoylethanolamine against oxidative stress in a neuronal cell line [1]
    A new permutation strategy of pathway-based approach for genome-wide association study [1]
    Regulation of Phosphorylation of Dopamine D3 Receptors in Mouse Striatal Neurons in vivo [1]
    RNA-seq analysis of synovial fibroblasts brings new insights into rheumatoid arthritis [1]
    Skeletal Muscle - Bone Crosstalk Regulating Osteocyte Function [abstract] [1]
    Suppression of nitric oxide induction and pro-inflammatory cytokines by novel proteasome inhibitors in various experimental models [1]
    Tocotrienols inhibit lipopolysaccharide-induced pro-inflammatory cytokines in macrophages of female mice. [1]
    Tocotrienols-induced inhibition of platelet thrombus formation and platelet aggregation in stenosed canine coronary arteries. [1]