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    CT-measured macropores as affected by agroforestry and grass buffers for grazed pasture systems [1]
    Determination of the extent area of interactions between the olive trees and cereals in an alley cropping system in Morocco [1]
    Ecological goods and services and agroforestry : the benefits for farmers and the interests for society [1]
    The economics and ecology of alley cropping in the mid-western United States [1]
    The economics of ecosystem services of tree-based intercropping systems [1]
    The effect of mesh shelters and nitrogen fertilzer on growth for bigtooth aspen wildlife plantings [1]
    Effects of groundcover management practices in a Fraser fir (Abies fraseri)-cover crop intercropping system on soil microbial biomass and community catabolic diversity [1]
    Emission of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide from riparian forest buffers, warm-season and cool-season grass filters and crop fields [1]
    Establishment and production from thinned mature deciduous-forest silvopastures in Appalachia [1]
    Estimating carbon stock change in agroforestry and family forestry practices [1]
    Evaluating tree root distribution in a tree-based intercropping system with use of ground penetrating radar [1]
    Evaluation of hybrid poplar clones under intensive cultivation for biomass production in Qu�bec [1]
    Examining site productivity and fertility when intercropping giant miscanthus and loblolly pine [1]
    Experiences from southern Quebec provide ecological insights for the implementation of tree-based intercropping systems [1]
    Exploring landowners' connections to carbon markets in rural Missouri : interest, feasibility, and transaction costs [1]
    Farming the forests of Appalachia : opportunities and challenges [1]
    Fast growing tree species in alley cropping systems and their influence on microclimate in Germany [1]
    Fine roots distribution, light conditions and yield in a tree-based intercrop system [1]
    Forage production under thinned Douglas-fir forest [1]
    Frequency of consumption and preferences for chestnuts in Missouri [1]