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    Rhizodegradation of sulfamethazine and tetracycline and the associated impacts on soil microbial activities [1]
    Riparian forest buffers : building a sustainable bioenergy future [1]
    Riparian forests with and without grass filters as buffers of concentrated flow from crop fields [1]
    The role of agroforestry in fuelwood for domestic and income generation activities : a case study of three communities in the Sunyani district of Brong Ahafo region Ghana [1]
    The role of agroforestry practices in a healthy farm [1]
    Screening and testing phytochemicals in eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginiana) for development of potential entrepreneurial opportunities [1]
    Seasonal differences in clear-sky nighttime forage temperature in proximity to deciduous trees [1]
    Soil quality in a pecan agroforestry system is improved with intercropped kura clover [1]
    Soil quality parameters for row-crop systems and grazed pastures with agroforestry buffers [1]
    Soil quality parameters for row-crop systems and grazed pastures with agroforestyry buffers [1]
    Stream bank erosion rates of small Missouri streams [1]
    Thirty million agroforesters : Russia's family gardens [1]
    Transitioning from wild collection to forest cultivation of indigenous medicinal forest plants in eastern North America [1]
    Tree growth and timber returns for an agroforestry trial in Goldsboro, North Carolina [1]
    U.S. consumers' preferences for chestnuts : post purchase evaluation [1]
    Update on hazelnut development program in the Lake States [1]
    Using goats in agroforestry systems to enhance food security for subsistence farmers [1]
    Using the Porter Model to analyze the U.S. elderberry industry [1]
    Verification of shelterbelt crop yield improvements in the Great Plains region [1]
    Veterinary antibiotic sorption to agroforestry buffer, grass buffer and cropland soils [1]