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    Biotic interactions in organic farm systems [1]
    Bird species diversity in riparian buffers, row crop fields, and grazed pastures of two agriculturally [1]
    Carbon sequestration potential of a 27-year-old tree-based intercropping system in southwestern Ontario [1]
    Case study : a hayfield conversion to a multi-layered planting [1]
    Communicating the economic and environmental impacts of agroforestry systems [1]
    Comparing silvopastoral systems and prospects in six regions of the world [1]
    Comparison of agroforestry species for woody biomass production [1]
    Comparison of bare root and RPM seedling production technologies : implications for agroforestry [1]
    Competition for applied 15N fertilizer in a longelaf pine/native woody ornamental intercropping system [1]
    Concentrated runoff flow : implications for buffer design and water quality benefits [1]
    Consumer preference for elderberry juice products [1]
    Controlling swine odor with windbreaks [1]
    Creating the knowledge infrastructure to enhance landowner adoption of agroforestry through an agroforestry academy [1]
    Creatively communicating conservation complexity [1]
    CT-measured macropores as affected by agroforestry and grass buffers for grazed pasture systems [1]
    Determination of the extent area of interactions between the olive trees and cereals in an alley cropping system in Morocco [1]
    Ecological goods and services and agroforestry : the benefits for farmers and the interests for society [1]
    The economics and ecology of alley cropping in the mid-western United States [1]
    The economics of ecosystem services of tree-based intercropping systems [1]
    The effect of mesh shelters and nitrogen fertilzer on growth for bigtooth aspen wildlife plantings [1]