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    Farming the forests of Appalachia : opportunities and challenges [1]
    Fast growing tree species in alley cropping systems and their influence on microclimate in Germany [1]
    Fine roots distribution, light conditions and yield in a tree-based intercrop system [1]
    Forage production under thinned Douglas-fir forest [1]
    Frequency of consumption and preferences for chestnuts in Missouri [1]
    Growing woody biomass for bioenergy in southern Ontario, Canada : a case study using tree-based intercropping [1]
    Hedgerows as providers of services in agricultural landscapes [1]
    Improving tall fescue shade tolerance : identifying candidate genotypes [1]
    Incorporating agroforestry into traditional forestry classes [1]
    Innovative agroforestry designs : Ecobuffers [1]
    Integrated management of multistrata production systems under newly established RAMPT models of roadside and slopeland agroforestry [1]
    Integrating silvopastures into current forage-livestock systems [1]
    An interdisciplinary online certificate and masters program in agroforestry [1]
    An international success : Great Plains Windbreak Renovation & Innovation Conference, 2012 [1]
    Introduction of atrazine-degrading Pseudomonas sp. strain ADP to enhance rhizodegradation of atrazine [1]
    Microclimate modification by tree windbreaks in Florida farms [1]
    Murdoch Lake agroforestry project [1]
    A new hazelnut development program in the Lake States [1]
    NEWBio : growing bioenergy on marginal lands [1]
    Nitrate and fecal coliform concentrations in silvopasture and pasture leachates [1]