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    Afforesting former agricultural lands with high value hardwoods in southern Ontario [1]
    Agroforestry and grass buffer effects on water quality on grazed pasture watersheds [1]
    Agroforestry and grass buffer influences on water infiltration for a grazed pasture system [1]
    Agroforestry in Germany : from traditional to modern applications [1]
    Agroforestry interactions and soil water use in watersheds under corn-soybean management [1]
    Agroforestry role in snow distribution and management [1]
    Alberta woodlot extension program [1]
    APEX simulation : environmental benefits of agroforestry buffers on corn-soybean watersheds [1]
    Around the globe and across Canada : the agriculture and agri-food Canada agroforestry division [1]
    Assessing the growth potential and future outlook for the US maple syrup industry [1]
    Attendance motivations behind the Missouri Chestnut Roast festival [1]
    Biotic interactions in organic farm systems [1]
    Bird species diversity in riparian buffers, row crop fields, and grazed pastures of two agriculturally [1]
    Carbon sequestration potential of a 27-year-old tree-based intercropping system in southwestern Ontario [1]
    Case study : a hayfield conversion to a multi-layered planting [1]
    Communicating the economic and environmental impacts of agroforestry systems [1]
    Comparing silvopastoral systems and prospects in six regions of the world [1]
    Comparison of agroforestry species for woody biomass production [1]
    Comparison of bare root and RPM seedling production technologies : implications for agroforestry [1]
    Competition for applied 15N fertilizer in a longelaf pine/native woody ornamental intercropping system [1]