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Recent Submissions

  • Plasma Membrane Is the Site of Productive HIV-1 Particle Assembly 

    Jouvenet, Nolwenn; Neil, Stuart J.D.; Bess, Cameron; Johnson, Marc C.; Virgen, Cesar A.; Simon, Sanford M.; Bieniasz, Paul D. (PLOS Biology, 2006-12)
    Recently proposed models that have gained wide acceptance posit that HIV-1 virion morphogenesis is initiated by targeting the major structural protein (Gag) to late endosomal membranes. Thereafter, late endosome-based ...
  • ELISAs Using Human Bocavirus VP2 Virus-Like Particles for Detection of Antibodies Against HBoV 

    Lin, Feng; Guan, Wuxiang; Yang, Ningmin; Pintel, David J.; Qui, Jianming (Journal of Virological Methods, 2008-04)
    Human bocavirus (HBoV) has been identified worldwide in children with lower respiratory tract infections with an incidence of approximately 2% −11%. The role of HBoV in pathogenesis, however, is largely unknown, and little ...