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    An analysis of cohort models in technical education at Kansas City Kansas Community College [1]
    An analysis of undergraduate heavy-video-gaming students : developing technology–enhanced learning-support areas based on gaming and study practices [1]
    Anti-Calvinist? : ceremonial conformity and Laudian writing, reconsidered (c. 1590-1640) [1]
    Authoritatively speaking : a speech pragmatic analysis of authority and power [1]
    Black skin matters : the significance of color in early modern England [1]
    A case study of building leaders' experiences with strengths-based coaching and feedback [1]
    Contributions to the theory and methodology of quantile models with endogeneity [1]
    Corridos en la guerra contra el narco : estéticas necropolíticas en México [1]
    Coupling, membrane conductance, and ion channel mRNA profiles in the establishment and maintenance of network activity in the crustacean cardiac ganglion [1]
    Critical perturbations of elliptic operators by lower order terms [1]
    Deconstructing dominant English language discourses in the Ghanaian curriculum : reimagining a curriculum centered on Ghanaian languages and literacies [1]
    Degradation of the veterinary antibiotics in swine manure via anaerobic digestion [1]
    The demise of guys : the flight of the American male from STEM [1]
    Developing a modern recycled mix design and automatic pavement monitoring system [1]
    Development and applications of novel nanostructured materials in water treatment : adsorption, filtration, and reaction [1]
    Development of UAV-based high-throughput phenotyping technologies towards improving soybean breeding efficiency [1]
    Do black men really love black women? : A qualitative study on how mass media shape black men's perception of black women for long-term romantic relationship -- or not [1]
    Does professional development for teachers impact student behavior utilizing class-wide function-related intervention teams? [1]
    Entropy minimization, convergence, and Gibbs ensembles (local and global) [1]
    Essays in policy evaluation and labor economics [1]