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    Academic capitalist regime in Colombia : discourses from national research policies and professors [1]
    Accurate, fast, and robust 3D city-scale reconstruction using wide area motion imagery [1]
    Acrylate synthesis from carbon dioxide - ethylene coupling catalyzed by first-row transition metal complexes [1]
    Adenosine deaminase acting on RNA (ADAR1) in the development of abdominal aortic aneurysm and atherosclerosis [1]
    The adsorption of environmental pollutants in gas and aqueous media utilizing nano-scale materials [1]
    Advances in automated surgery skills evaluation [1]
    An analysis of cohort models in technical education at Kansas City Kansas Community College [1]
    An analysis of undergraduate heavy-video-gaming students : developing technology-enhanced learning-support areas based on gaming and study practices [1]
    Anti-Calvinist? : ceremonial conformity and Laudian writing, reconsidered (c. 1590-1640) [1]
    Applied genomics toward targeted improvement of soybean [1]
    Ars moriendi as social reality : articulation of the good death in the United States [1]
    Atypical planetary lavas: rheological evolution of cooling and crystallizing flows from lunar impact melts and cryovolcanic processes [1]
    Authoritatively speaking : a speech pragmatic analysis of authority and power [1]
    Barriers and catalysts of aging for LGBTQ+ older adults : a photovoice study [1]
    Bayesian approach for the spectrum sensing mimo-cognitive radio network with presence of the uncertainty [1]
    Bayesian smoothing spline with dependency models [1]
    Bayesian unit-level modeling of non-Gaussian survey data under informative sampling with application to small area estimation [1]
    Beautiful phantoms British literature, political economy, and biopolitics from 1780-1855 [1]
    Black skin matters : the significance of color in early modern England [1]
    Body size and shape in insular environments and applications of the island rule in biological anthropology [1]